Go to bed and go out of bed

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Students' up and down classification

1. Steel up and down the bed
Using the steel bed, the bed plate adopts solid wood multilayer compression plate, the installation is fixed with screws, and the installation is relatively strong after installation. The quality difference lies in the thickness of the tube wall, from 0.8mm-1.5mm.
2. The solid wood is on the bed. The solid wood in the market is mostly made of pine or Chinese fir. Most pine logs are not colored. It is more environmentally friendly, and the installation is relatively simple.
3. The board is up and down. More use of compression plate, spray paint. The quality is good, the taste is small, and the quality is bad.
4. The mother bed (parent-child bed)
The upper layer is a single bed, the lower layer widening is a double bed, sleeping on the top, the children can sleep under two adults, the space can be used. There are two kinds of existing plate type and solid wood.

Students get up and down for

During transportation, avoid bumping as far as possible, prevent surface damage and cause cabinet rust.
When placing it, gently handle it, keep it level, and keep a certain distance from the wall.
The ground should be kept dry to prevent dampness and alkalinity.
Avoid contacting with acid-base liquids to prevent the cabinet from being corrupted.
The surface of the cabinet should be kept clean. If the surface is unclean, wipe it with detergent first and wipe it with dry cloth.
Avoid the direct contact with the cabinet surface when corrosive objects are placed in the cabinet.
Use the correct method to unlock the lock body to avoid damage.
Switch cabinet doors and drawers should be lightly opened to avoid severe impact. Do not knock the cabinet with hard objects, and do not apply sharp objects to the surface.


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