Apartment bed

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The apartment bed is made up of bed, bookcase, wardrobe, desk and ladder rack. The bookcase and the wardrobe are connected to the inside of the bed leg of the bed frame. The desk connects the bookcase and the wardrobe together. The shelf has a ladder on the end of the bookcase. The other side of the bed has a guardrail on the same side of the ladder. There are keyboard supports and drawer shelves under the desk of the desk. Because the bed is a three-dimensional space combination, not only saves space, but also is neat and beautiful, and is convenient for management.

Two conjoined up and down apartment bed, under the single person learning table and bookcase and wardrobe outer diameter size: long 2000mm* wide 900mm* high 1750--2000mm, the head of the national standard square tube can be equipped with solid wood bed board or multilayer bed board, national standard steel tube numerical control welding, the whole high temperature plastic plastic treatment, patent pedal structure, winter non cool antiskid, Zhengzhou apartment bed, Zheng State conjoined apartment bed, Henan apartment bed manufacturer, Henan apartment bed custom made.

1, do not jump on the bed to avoid damage to the ambassador spring.
2, should not be placed in high temperature, humidity, vibration, light intensity, the room should be kept cool and ventilated.
3. When cleaning the apartment bed, dust should be cleaned with flexible utensils such as feather duster and gently wipe with soft cloth.
4, the apartment bed metal decorations only need to dry towel gently wipe, can not use chemical cleaning agent, avoid using acidic liquid cleaning.


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