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Office furniture is an utensil for daily work and social activities. Since the reform and opening up, China's furniture industry has made unprecedented development. As a branch of the furniture industry, China's office furniture industry has developed rapidly with the continuous renewal of production technology, the increasing variety of varieties, the gradual formation of professional production and the continuous improvement of the management level.
Classification of office furniture:
First, according to the furniture style, it can be divided into modern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture and neoclassical furniture.
European classical home: European classical furniture has rich cultural connotations, which is suitable for European classical style decoration.
American furniture: simple atmosphere, random lines, but clean and capable.
Chinese classical furniture: elegant and elegant, exquisite workmanship, fascinating. Not only beautiful and generous, but also very practical.
New classical furniture: smooth lines, exquisite carving. Both nostalgic and fashionable style is not only loved by the middle-aged and old people, but also a young person has a special liking for him.
Two, according to the materials used, furniture is divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, soft furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, steel and wood furniture.
1. Solid wood furniture: make use of logs to make materials, and process them by grinding and painting. The material is fine and durable.
2, panel furniture: sheet metal forming, stable performance is not easy to deformation, processing and transportation are more convenient.

3, soft furniture: soft furniture mainly refers to the sponge and fabric as the main furniture.

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4, rattan furniture: light and generous, those delicate interwoven vines are simple and refreshing.
5, metal furniture: a very elegant personality, rich color selection, variety, folding function, beautiful value, good quality and low price goods.
6, steel wood furniture: simple geometric structure, simple combination of steel and wood and simple color expression, expressing the simplicity of wind and steel furniture.
7, glass furniture: with its unique crystal clear, fresh and bright features and popular.
8, marble furniture: glittering and translucent, smooth texture, elegant texture, beautiful pattern texture, and not afraid of dirty, not afraid of hot and other advantages, deeply loved by consumers.


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