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School office furniture cleaning method

School office furniture white vinegar cleaning method

Wipe the furniture surface with the same amount of vinegar and hot water, then wipe it with a soft cloth. This method is applicable to the maintenance of mahogany furniture and the cleaning of other furniture contaminated by seedling oil and ink stains.
School office furniture lemon cleaning method

If the wood is polished or varnished, it will be left behind by the thermal blanching of matches and so on. You can wipe with half a lemon first and then wipe it with soft cloth immersed in hot water. Finally, the dry soft cloth will be wiped quickly and polished to restore the original.
School office furniture cleaning method for toothpaste

The white paint on the furniture will turn yellow for a long time. You can use a cloth to dip the toothpaste or tooth powder to wipe the paint, so as to avoid rubbing the paint and damaging the furniture surface.
Besides, dust on furniture is not allowed to be brushed with feather duster. Because the flying dust will fall into the furniture. Half dry and half wet cloth should be used to wipe off the dust on the furniture so as to wipe it clean.
School office furniture cleaning method for egg white

@ For a long time, there are several stains on the white leather sofa. At this point, you can take the right amount of egg white, dip it in cotton cloth, and repeatedly wipe the surface of leather products such as leather sofa. This method is particularly effective for cleaning leather products, and the egg white has a certain polishing effect. Leather will show its original luster after use.
School office furniture soap cleaning method


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