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Office desks and chairs are tables and chairs for office use. The office desk and chair from the material can be divided into board chair and chair, rigid office desk chair, metal desk chair, software office desk chair, etc., and from the use of office, open type staff office, conference room, reading room, library and data room, training classroom, laboratory, staff dormitory; from the use of the main function Points: office tables, office chairs, sofas, filing cabinets, bookcases, etc.
Attention to desk and chair:
1. Do not use dry dishcloth to wipe @ dust @ on furniture surface. Dust is made up of fiber, sand and silica. Many people are used to clean the furniture surface with dry cloth. In fact, these fine particles have damaged the furniture lacquer surface in the rubbing back and forth. Although these scratches are very small, even the naked eye can not be seen, but as time passes, the furniture will be rough and shiny.
2, please do not use soap water, detergent or water to clean furniture
Soapy water, detergent and other clean products not only can not effectively remove the dust accumulated on the furniture surface, but also can not remove the silica sand particles before the lighting, and because they have a certain corrosion, it will damage the surface of furniture, so that the furniture's lacquer surface becomes dim.
3, do not use coarse cloth or old clothes that are no longer worn as wipes to wipe furniture
Better use towel, cotton cloth, cotton fabric or flannelette cloth and other absorbent fabrics to wipe the furniture. Coarse cloth, thread cloth or suture, buttons and other old clothes that will cause scratches on furniture surface should be avoided as far as possible.


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