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Office screens are also called mobile screen doors, mobile partition doors, and track screen doors. The screen door has the features of easy installation, reusable utilization, industrial production, fire prevention and environmental protection. Mobile partition brings great convenience to people's work, such as the screen. When you need it, you can fold it in one side to make the two space temporarily joint and look bigger. It is convenient for the temporary small meeting, type 65, type 65 activity screen, all of the aluminum alloy frame around the screen, with the thickness of 65mm, Labelling is 6063 T6, according to the customer's oxidation, electrophoresis and other processing methods;
The 65 type office screen is a light partition. It is easy to operate with light weight and easy to operate. Each door can be suspended by a single suspension wheel, the door plate can rotate 360 degrees, or two hoisting wheels can be swerve in all directions and can be pushed to any place, and the sliding stability is smooth and smooth.
The office screen is blocked by different degrees of vision. It can make full use of the limited space and combine each independent working position scientifically and effectively. The screen can improve the utilization of the unit space effectively, and can also create a comfortable working environment. Office screens can be combined with multi style and various types of duckbill table. Office screens can be combined with various drawers and filing cabinets to save the cost of the decoration and reduce the cost of the project. The size of office screens can be customized according to customer requirements.
The office screen is mostly aluminum alloy frame, including top cover, side cover and kicking board made of aluminum alloy. The surface is painted with coloring and plastic spraying. It is combined with each color table, drawer and file cabinet. The bottom of the frame of the office screen is attached with a horizontal adjusting foot, which can be adjusted according to the different ground level. The use of linen fabric is made of linen fabric, which has strong abrasion resistance and no combustion. It has no color difference in the naked eye. It is clean and convenient by antifouling treatment, and offers a variety of colors to choose from. In addition, the power line, telephone line, computer line and so on can be arranged in the slot of the office screen baseboard (or the new table line slot). And the other socket can be placed on the kickboard. The line is connected to the table by the plug through the platform panel, which is convenient and flexible, and keeps the overall effect of the office screen perfect.
The connection between office screens and office screens can be divided into one word connection, a l connection, a Y connection, a T connection, a cross connection, and a variety of special-shaped words. The connection between the office screen and the auxiliary parts can choose the platform support frame, the platform side support frame, the fixed screen for the platform panel, the supporting stand of the auxiliary platform and the auxiliary platform of the auxiliary platform to be used to fix the auxiliary platform on the screen or the main platform.
The material of the office screen accessories is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface can be colored and sprayed to create a colorful style to match the unique image of the company.


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