Students' desks and chairs

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Classification of students' tables and chairs:
Students' desks and chairs are divided into age groups: kindergarten desks and chairs, primary school desks and chairs, middle school desks and chairs, college students' desks and chairs;
According to function, it is divided into fixed tables, chairs and lifting tables and chairs;
According to the material, it is divided into wooden desks, chairs, plastic desks and chairs, and steel and wood desks and chairs.

According to the requirements of quality and size, the process of making all kinds of woollen materials made of wood and wood saw is called batching. It is a major part of the production process of wood products. The quality of batching not only directly affects the quality of products, but also affects the utilization rate of materials and the speed of processing and production.

The tasks of students' chairs and chairs are as follows:
1. according to the product quality requirements for reasonable selection of

2. reasonably determine the machining allowance and correctly stipulate the moisture content of finished products


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