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High and low bed: as the name suggests, there is a high and low bed. The most common high and low beds can be divided into four columns, two bed drawers, two beds, and some components. The safety performance of each bed is mainly embodied in the thickness of the support, the quality of the bedplate, the reliability of the welding, and the production process. @ high and low bed is a bed that is suitable for students and other groups in recent years. It is widely used. High and low beds are commonly used for the use of space. A single bed is more than a single bed. For lodging students, getting out of bed effectively saves space and solves the problem of school buildings. @ high and low bed production process

1, specification: W2000*D900*H1750mm

2, welding part adopts high standard fusion welding, the surface is smooth and smooth.
3 and bedstead are fully degreased, and electrostatic spraying is adopted. After strict nine station processing. Pure water cleaning, heating, degreasing, phosphating, surface adjusting and drying process make the product stronger in rust resistance and longer life. The color of the cabinet is pure, soft and uncommon.
4, the use of automatic spray pipeline, surface electrostatic powder spray (manual and automatic line spraying combined, uniform coating, adhesion ability), green environmental protection type international brand in line with the European Union ROHS standard Akesu powder foam, electrostatic spray, so that the product real environmental protection without poison.
5, bedstead and bedplate were subjected to strict force switch test and met the requirements of the national standard. @ high and low bed material introduction
1, bed back pipe: 40mm*40mm*1.5mm square tube welded steel pipe.
2, safety barrier: 1400mm*250mm, 19*1.5mm circular pipe, the left side of the guardrail is directly fixed on the external riser to enhance the strength.

3 and plank frame adopt 30mm*50mm*1.5mm square tube welded steel pipe.
4, escalator: round tube, 25mm*1.5mm, 19mm*1.5mm, 260mm*1250mm, four stalls, with wear-resistant plastic sleeve, fixed with strong adhesive.
5, bed pad: the use of Chinese fir 1900mm*70mm*18mm*12 root, the bottom of the 900mm*40mm*30mm*7 root, bed board should be able to pass the cutting test (the quality of the cutting body is 25kg, the impact high 140mm, 10 times, no loose deformation)
6, iron fasteners should use spring washer, steel part with two carbon oxide welding welding, surface powder static Electro spray molding, the color is grey, and the finish is more than 70%, the hardness is 0.4, and the punching force is 4N/M.


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