Revolving chair

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A swivel chair

The function of the swivel chair:
Highly adjustable; let you have a comfortable sitting position. The tilted seat can also give you a comfortable sitting position when you lean forward. The furniture has been transformed from the traditional use function to the pursuit of the feeling of both the vision and the mind, and then it becomes the support of the individual's unique taste and the attitude of life.
The space collocation of the rotating chair:
What is necessary in the office? Table, chair, paper, pen, folder, paper basket... Usually, folders can be combined with a pen, so that paper and pen can be put together, and the chair can "cooperate" with the table to form a creative integrated office. So the paper basket is the embodiment of personal life taste. A symbol and a consign. Furniture, as a stationary artwork placed in the home life, has attracted more and more attention in its appearance design. The style and style of the swivel chair are ever-changing, and the color of the swivel chair is also very rich. Besides the real leather color, there are usually blue, red and orange colors. And IKEA's Marcus orange swivel chair, orange and black collocation, coupled with the handrails, backrest and other new, fashionable simple design, should be in line with the taste of most people.

Swivel chair is a kind of chair for computer, office chair, a chair that can be rotated by sitting part. Swivel chair can be divided into two types: semi swivel chair and full swivel chair.

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