Computer desk in the school machine room

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Computer desk at the school machine room

The computer is a special kind of electrical appliance. It is different from the TV and audio. It is the close range operation when people are in use. Therefore, the height of the computer and the position of the keyboard and mouse have specific requirements. Most of the ordinary furniture do not meet the conditions. The combination of computer table saying "good horse with a good saddle", choose a suitable computer table, can make you easy and comfortable in the operation, computer desk to improve work efficiency.

The computer table of the school computer room is made of a medium density board with plastic soft edges surrounded by screws. MDF has the characteristics of moderate weight, fire prevention, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antistatic and cheap price. It is very suitable for making computer tables. The computer desk of the school computer room and some so-called high-end computer tables are made of pure wood, which are expensive and smart consumers will not take the money. The melamine paint on the computer desk of the school computer room is divided into two kinds: smooth (smooth) and frosted (hemp). The feel of the lacquer is good, no skid, no reflection, no stains after cleaning with damp cloth, but the price is three yuan or forty yuan.

There are many styles of computer tables in school computer rooms. After careful comparison, we can not judge the practicality simply by the number of drawers and layers. The structure of the computer desk selected by the author is very simple and the price is low. The upper part is a drawer and a keyboard bracket (the two is the same width, can be interchangeable), and the bottom is only two blocks. It is arranged so that the left half of the computer desk desk in the school machine room is placed in the horizontal box and the display, the right half of the empty space can be temporarily placed, the computer reference book, and usually used as a desk. Small drawer contains instructions, startup disk, anti-virus disk, commonly used optical disk, etc. The next two partitions are placed on the left and right corner of each speaker, not occupying the desktop. The biggest advantage of this style is the horizontal and vertical chassis, the legs extend the space, can sit side by side, learn skills and play games together; and the keyboard bracket can be flexibly placed on the left or right, suitable for family use according to the needs. If you like the "sunk" design, it doesn't matter, but you should pay attention when you buy it. You should sit on the left of the computer desk in the school room and leave the mouse pad on the right side.

When purchasing a combination desktop, we should pay attention to the plank leveling. The paint layer has no bubbles, shedding, uniform color, edge binding, non hair ballast, plastic soft edge unrolled, drawers, keyboard bracket push and pull smooth, table whole computer table body smooth not shake. By the way, the computer table should be placed in a place with good ventilation and direct sunlight.

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