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Staff cabinet material description
Staff cabinet is made of cold rolled steel sheet (commonly called iron skin) made of cabinet, which is characterized by light weight relative to wooden cabinet, easy to move, and fire proof, damp proof, insect proof and anti moth prevention and corrosion prevention.

The staff cabinet uses cold rolled steel plate, powder electrostatic spraying, strong washing and rust removal, zinc washing and phosphating powder spraying. Good protective adhesion. Surface treatment process program: working water washing, degreasing, water washing, rust removing, water washing, surface adjustment, phosphating, bake, baking, baking, baking, curing and spraying products. It is mainly used for placing, filing and investment. Material, and all kinds of archives. However, although the use of different places and the substantive requirements of the grade environment, the iron cupboard has been favored by factories, schools, troops, enterprises and institutions for a long time. The iron cabinet has, fireproof, antiseptic and wear-resistant, and its surface powder is nontoxic and tasteless. It is carried out through the EU ROHS standard, bright color and color can be chosen with the heart. Match. The steel plate is fully degreased, purified water cleaned, heated, degreased, phosphating, table adjusted and dried. The product has stronger rust resistance and longer life. Sheet metal large equipment, compound mold, special tool clamp, product processing process will not fall. The parts are punched at once, with high accuracy and versatility. The welding part adopts high standard welding welding, the surface is smooth and smooth using the automatic spraying line, the surface electrostatic powder spray (combined hand and automatic line spraying, uniform coating, strong adhesion ability) adopts the powder of the international brand conforming to the EU ROHS standard to make the product truly environmentally friendly.

Staff cabinet technology

1, design: design size according to customer's requirement.
2, cutting: use the shearing machine to cut out the required size of the cold plate.
3, stamping: break out the angle edge and handle position and so on.
4. Fold: fold the inner hem and the outer hem with the folding machine.
5, spot welding: spot welding reinforcement. Branch welding and welding.
6, pickling and phosphating: mainly deoil and rust removing.
7, spray: semi-finished products into the electric box electrostatic spray.
8, assembly: the assembly door and the key, etc.
9, finished product: packaging of finished products.
Staff cabinet classification:
The staff cabinet is also called the steel cabinet. According to the function, it consists of the cabinet, the dense cabinet, the drawing cabinet, the locker cabinet, the locker, the key cabinet, the shoe cabinet, the staff cabinet and so on.
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