Leisure soft chair

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Leisure soft chair

Leisure soft chair cleaning and maintenance instructions:
    1. When you sit on the soft chair chair, you should sit down gently and avoid hitting the chair face violently.
    2, in use, avoid touching hard metal parts, such as fruit knives, keys and so on, so as not to cause scratches.
    3, when we move our leisure soft chairs, we must lift them off the ground and gently handle them so as to avoid bumping against them and not pushing them hard to avoid loosening or damaging the feet.
    4, leisure soft chair surface should keep clean, such as dust, such as dust, use chicken hair sweep clear, try not to use water scrub, when necessary, use wet soft soft cloth to wipe, do not use alkaline water, soapy water, washing powder solution scrub, so as to prevent paint brightness or cause paint off, rot rusty.

    5. Leisure soft chairs should be kept in a dry, dry place rather than near the wet walls to avoid sun exposure.
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