Reading bookshelf

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Reading bookshelf (Bookshelf) is a utensil for books. Because of the different forms and structures of bookshelves, there are other names such as bookcases, bookcases, books and so on. Bookshelves are the universal utensils in our lives.

The reading shelf in the library can be divided into metal bookshelves and wooden bookshelves according to the material, and the metal bookshelves can be subdivided into single column, complex column, stacking bookshelf, dense bookstore and sliding bookshelf.
Wood reading bookshelf

The wooden bookshelf material consists of the solid wood, the board, the wood core board, the grain plate, and so on. It is painted with paint or using the surface decoration material and is rich in soft texture. The commonly used form of library is upright type, the sloping L bookshelf on the base, which is convenient for readers to read books, with different specifications.
Single column reading bookshelf

The so-called single column bookshelf refers to the weight of the books on both sides of each partition, with the length of each shelf of 90cm, which can be used separately or continuously. Generally speaking, the height of the bookshelf is above 200cm, and the top will be linked by tie bars to ensure safety.
Multi column reading bookshelf

It refers to both sides of the bookshelf, each bearing two or more pillars to bear the horizontal baffle to transmit the book load. However, for the purpose of promoting aesthetics, there are additional wooden boards on both sides of the metal compound column bookshelf.
Stacking bookshelf reading bookshelf


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