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Children's furniture is mainly used in childhood furniture, usually divided into infants, 3 - 5 years, 6 - 7 years, 8 - 10, 10 - 12 years old, each period has the characteristics of the furniture.
The meaning of the room for children is not only the place to sleep, but most of the time they will spend after school. Learning, entertainment, rest, the room is like a child's exclusive world. Here they learn to take care of themselves, experience treason, and begin to understand things. From here, they acquire energy and courage to face all kinds of challenges in their growth. We believe that a bedroom full of happy animation elements, children's furniture will make every day of children more exciting.

The fashion of children's furniture is a kind of consciousness. In the age of overflowing fashion everywhere, fashion plays an important role in the development of society, and the pursuit of fashion for children is also the trend of social development. The fashion items of the big people are beautiful, the children also want to have their own fashion, the children's fashion items are gradually popularized, the children are deeply loved, and the children's furniture also develops to the children's fashion. Children's furniture has a tendency to develop to children's fashion. In the competitive children's furniture market, it is the first to introduce children's furniture to fashion, create their own fashion space for children, and provide new ideas for children's furniture industry, and promote the rapid development of children's furniture.

Henan IBO Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is a child furniture manufacturer integrating technical development, design, manufacture, sales and service. The main products are classified as school furniture, office furniture, library equipment, gymnasium equipment, children's furniture and so on.
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