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We should pay more attention to the management of sports equipment and the protection and maintenance of school sports equipment. Because the management of sports equipment is an important part of the development of school sports work, whether the sports equipment management is appropriate to a large extent determines the school extracurricular activities and the quality of physical education.
The school's sports equipment management personnel can carry out the following work:
1, school sports equipment should be classified, register, and manage. The equipment that has been damaged must be cancelled in time to make the accounts match.
2, without permission, outsiders may not enter the sports equipment room without permission.
3. According to the principle of "who borrows who is responsible", the equipment used in the class should be registered and returned to the original place according to the quantity after class. If there is a loss of damage, the responsibility for tracing, and the price of compensation.
4, we should check equipment regularly, make timely repairs, turn over the sun, report, report losses and add. Ensure the normal development of school sports activities.
5, do not regularly carry out indoor hygiene for the sports room, keep the room clean.
6, in daily management, do well in moisture-proof and mildew proof work.
In order to maximize the role of limited equipment, all teachers and students should attach importance to and support the management of sports equipment.

There are 3 main classification methods for sports equipment: 1. According to sports sports classification, this is the method to classify all the equipment and equipment related to the same sport, such as track and field equipment, weightlifting equipment, ice and snow equipment and so on. According to the classification of the nature of sports equipment, it can be generally divided into 4 categories: designated equipment, self provided equipment, field equipment and other equipment. Designated equipment category is the joint use of the competition, to avoid the differences and need to specify the brand of equipment (trademarks), manufacturers and specifications and models; self-made equipment is the equipment used by athletes themselves, such as racket, sailing and rowing, paddles, sportswear, footwear, shoes and hats; field equipment category refers to competition. The facilities and equipment of the competition and training venues, such as all kinds of ball doors, ball frames, baffles, timing scoring equipment, referee appliances, etc.; other equipment mainly refers to non competitive equipment, generally physical training, fitness activities, sports entertainment equipment. (3) according to the use of sports equipment classification, divided into competitive sports equipment, national defense military sports equipment, Chinese folk sports equipment, fitness and fitness equipment, children sports equipment, disabled sports equipment, auxiliary equipment, and so on.

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