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There are 3 main categories of sports equipment:

(1) according to the classification of sports events, this is the way to classify all the equipment and equipment related to the same sport, such as track and field equipment, weight lifting equipment, ice and snow equipment and so on.

According to the classification of the nature of sports equipment, it can be generally divided into 4 categories: designated equipment, self provided equipment, field equipment and other equipment. Designated equipment category is the joint use of the competition, to avoid the differences and need to specify the brand of equipment (trademarks), manufacturers and specifications and models; self-made equipment is the equipment used by athletes themselves, such as racket, sailing and rowing, paddles, sportswear, footwear, shoes and hats; field equipment category refers to competition. The facilities and equipment of the competition and training venues, such as all kinds of ball doors, ball frames, baffles, timing scoring equipment, referee appliances, etc.; other equipment mainly refers to non competitive equipment, generally physical training, fitness activities, sports entertainment equipment.

(3) according to the use of sports equipment classification, divided into competitive sports equipment, national defense military sports equipment, Chinese folk sports equipment, fitness and fitness equipment, children sports equipment, disabled sports equipment, auxiliary equipment, and so on.

The basketball rack is a necessary equipment for the gymnasium. Basketball sports equipment. It includes backboard and backboard strut, erected at the center of both ends of the basketball court. At present, there are hydraulic, mobile, fixed, suspended, petrel, gun and so on. No matter which form of the basket, it must be guaranteed to have enough strength and stiffness, not a big shock and deformation after the basketball hit the basket, thus affecting the standard height and position of the level of the ring.  

The use and maintenance of the basketball stand
1. Regular examination
The most basic maintenance work for the maintenance of the basketball frame is regular inspection. Check the corrosion degree and firmness of the connection and welding parts two times a year, see if the frame has the phenomenon of falling paint, whether there is rust phenomenon, and see if there is any perforation. Once the phenomenon of lacquer appears, it should be repaired in time, otherwise it will cause rusting, serious corrosion and eventually perforation. The parts of rust and perforation should be repaired and anticorrosion, in which the site of welding is the most prone to decay. If there are loose or decayed phenomena, it should be maintained with the manufacturer in time.
Two. Use maintenance
The rational use of the basketball frame is also a part of the maintenance and maintenance of the basketball frame, in which the rebounds are the most vulnerable parts of the ball frame, and it is easy to be knocked out in the process of use, and the bricks and other objects must be forbidden to beat the rebounds. The use of the hoop is also the same. The basket of non spring basketball is not allowed to dunk, for example, if the hoop is tilted or broken. The basketball stands should be enclosed and prohibited from being used for maintenance or replacement.
Three. Cleaning measures
The long use of the basketball frame will produce dirt and other impurities. The basketball rack should be cleaned regularly. In the process of cleaning the surface of the ball frame, neutral detergent should be used in order to avoid the damage to the surface of the ball frame. Compared with the outdoor basketball frame, the main maintenance work of the indoor basketball frame is clean, because the lack of natural clarity of rain water, the long use of the rebounds are easy to be dirty, so there is a need for appropriate cleaning measures.

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