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Table tennis table, table tennis table (English name a table tennis table) is the old table tennis table tennis table tennis table equipment, table table can be made of any material (international regulations should be made of solid wood), with a certain elasticity, the upper surface is called the competition table, 2.74 meters long, 1.525 meters wide, 76 centimeters from the ground, parallel to the horizontal plane The surface is dark color (the international competition rules should be painted or painted by dark ink green cellulose), without gloss, there are 2 centimeter wide white lines on the side of the table, the long line, and the short line. The center of the table has a white line of 3 millimeters wide, which is called the middle line, and divides each area into about two parts. (the middle line itself should be seen as a part of the right half)

The upper surface of the table tennis table is called the competition table. It should be a rectangle parallel to the horizontal plane, 2.74 meters long, 1.525 meters wide, and 76 centimeters above the ground level.
Mesa quality
The consumer buys a ball to play. Therefore, the mesa is a basic item to meet the requirements of consumers. Basic items required for the table in national standards. In the national standard, the requirements for the table are very strict. In general, it can be divided into three categories, one for the mesa raw materials. The resilience of the ball table and the uniformity of elasticity inevitably affect the development of the technical level. The elastic and elastic uniform measurement is used to limit the material properties of the mesa, and one is for the dimension of the table. There are several sides, such as the side length of the table, the two diagonal line, and so on. There are mainly the dimensions of the upper line, the end line and the middle line, the fusion of the paint film at the intersection of the border and the end line, the gloss of the mesa paint film, the influence of the friction degree on the speed of table tennis and the rotational performance of the table ball.


This is a relatively folding table. The table tennis table is folded and should not be opened without external force. It should be reliable and self locked.
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