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The blackboard is not a blackboard. In the traditional sense, it is a flat surface that can be written repeatedly with chalk. It is hard to use for teaching.
Blackboards are usually made of wood or frosted glass, and can be written on chalk and other special writing materials. It's mostly black, ink green, white or rice yellow.
The multimedia blackboard is the general name of the digital display class education and teaching product, which is represented by the television blackboard, including the electronic whiteboard, the intelligent projector and the multimedia electronic platform, which have the functions of video, writing and interaction.
Multimedia blackboard is a multi-agent interactive platform built by using computer information processing technology, Internet technology, and using voice, light and electricity as media.
With the development of science and technology, the single teaching method has been gradually improved. The multi-media classroom is based on the multi-channel teaching content, combining the theoretical and visual teaching together, mobilizing students' various sensory participation and learning, improving the quality of teaching, improving the teaching efficiency and expanding the teaching scale.
Multimedia blackboard is widely used in teaching, training, conferences and exhibitions. Its appearance fully mobilizes the visual, hearing and tactile feelings of the information receiving crowd, makes the communication between people and machine easy and easy, not only realizes the circle of the traditional blackboard, the function of calligraphy and painting, but also makes the information collection of the classroom teaching activities be extended without limit under the support of the Internet technology, so as to achieve timely, quick and intuitive information. A vivid effect.

At present, in the application of multimedia classroom, the usual solutions are projector, physical booth, computer and so on. However, in most of the teaching practice, the traditional "board book" is still the most commonly used teaching means, because the teacher can insert the teaching content with the time, and it can be effectively controlled. The process of teaching. As a result, the combination of multimedia classroom and blackboard writing is liked by many teachers.

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