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Main technical indicators of the platform
1, size: long, wide, high, 800mm*600mm*950mm.
2, material: ABS engineering plastics + high grade wood grips + high quality cold rolled steel / wood, ABS engineering plastic wall thickness is more than 4.0mm, part of steel thickness is more than 1.0mm.
3, process: injection molding + sheet metal processing. The surface of sheet metal is made of degreasing, rust removing, phosphating, pickling and spray molding. It is durable and has the advantages of strong anticorrosion, burglar proof, moisture-proof and wear-resisting.
Platform design features
1, green environmental protection: upper body length, width and height 800mm*600mm*200mm, lower body length, width and height 750mm*550mm*750mm.
2, humanized design: the overall design of the podium is people-oriented, the side arc transition, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance. The middle control cover door is designed with the left and right push sliding cover, and the failure rate is reduced without using the guide rail. The upper body is fastened by buckle links, and the construction quantity is not reduced by bolts. The design of R20 circular arc around the platform to minimize the harm to teachers and students, the lower end of the tabletop angle contraction design, safer and more beautiful; the layout of the desktop function is reasonable, the design is exquisite, the teacher is easy to teach; the cabinet front and back door open, so that the construction and maintenance work is more convenient.
3. Ergonomics: install the top grade wooden grips around the platform, and the width of the wooden handrails is about 4.2cm, which is suitable for the best use of the human body.
4, the platform has a wide range of applications: it can be used in colleges, multimedia classrooms in primary and secondary schools, ladder classrooms, network machines, conference rooms, studio, various training classrooms and reporting hall, etc.

5, can be added to the booth drawer.  

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